Getting Started!

At the heart of WerkBench are two 16-step sequencers that let you instantly sample sounds into any place in the rhythm and then alter those sounds in real-time.

Each sequencer has 16 steps that play one after another.

Each step holds a unique sample that can be recorded and altered on the fly.

WerkBench has three primary modes for working with the sequencer steps:

Record Mode:
Tap any step to begin sampling into that position.

WerkBench will wait for a sound that is loud enough. Adjust the sensitivity with the 'Threshold' slider.

Edit Mode:
In edit mode you can touch to mute steps or drag samples to copy them to other steps.

Drum Mode:
The step buttons become drum pads. Classic.

When you are ready for more...

Fancy Controls and Beyond:
Open 'Fancy Controls' to access a wide range of options for editing your sounds. You will find volume, low-pass filter, pitch, and envelopes for each sequencer.

Once you have opened 'Fancy Controls', the 'Step Editing' modes give you access to volume and pitch for every step individually!

Note: All knobs in WerkBench are horizontally controlled. Simply press on the knob and then drag left or right to change the setting. Easy.

AB mode:
Turn on 'A || B' to chain the sequencers to make a 32-step pattern!

Record mute mode:
WerkBench will mute while sampling so that it does not record itself. Turn this off for uninterrupted playback while sampling.

Saving and Sharing

Saving Loops and Sets:
Press the folder icon on either sequencer to save and load loops or sets.

Sets consist of all 8 banks of loops. You can load full sets (replacing the contents of all banks) or select invdividual loops from the set.

Sharing your Music:
Press 'export' to open the recording menu and begin recording the output of WerkBench.

When you are finished recording you will be presented with a variety of sharing options.

Please send any questions, ideas, or concerns to:

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Cheers and happy music-making!

WerkBench was designed and created by Karl Scholz. All rights reserved. 2012 Bolasol, Inc.